Teacher Evidence of Standard 1

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

*Disclaimer - The standard pages are under construction. It is my plan to add more individual evidences and documentation in the near future.

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

Element Ia. Teachers lead in their classrooms.

Teachers demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility for the progress of all students to ensure that they graduate from high school, are globally competitive for work and postsecondary education, and are prepared for life in the 21st century. Teachers communicate this vision to their students. Using a variety of data sources, they organize, plan, and set goals that meet the needs of the individual student and the class. Teachers use various types of assessment data during the school year to evaluate student progress and to make adjustments to the teaching and learning process. They establish a safe, orderly environment, and they create a culture that empowers students to collaborate and become lifelong learners.

EVIDENCE: I have the school, personal and class mission statement posted visibly in the classroom. Every quarter we create and track a wildly important goal as well as individual student goals. As a professional learning team, we look at and evaluate data to inform our instruction.

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

Element Ib. Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school.

Teachers work collaboratively with school personnel to create a professional learning community. They analyze and use local, state, and national data to develop goals and strategies in the school improvement plan that enhances student learning and teacher working conditions. Teachers provide input in determining the school budget and in the selection of professional development that meets the needs of students and their own professional growth. They participate in the hiring process and collaborate with their colleagues to mentor and support teachers to improve the effectiveness of their departments or grade levels.

EVIDENCE: I meet daily with grade-level colleagues and other certified staff to plan data-informed instruction. I participate in workshops in the district, based on the needs of my students and own professional growth.

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

Element Ic. Teachers lead the teaching profession.

Teachers strive to improve the teaching profession. They contribute to the establishment of positive working conditions in their school. They actively participate in and advocate for decision-making structures in education and government that take advantage of the expertise of teachers. Teachers promote professional growth for all educators and collaborate with their colleagues to improve the profession.

EVIDENCE: I participate yearly in the Working Conditions Survey.

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

Element Id. Teachers advocate for schools and students.

Teachers advocate for positive change in policies and practices affecting student learning. They participate in the implementation of initiatives to improve the education of students.

EVIDENCE: I have been a member of the National Educators Association and the North Carolina Association of Educators since 2018.

Standard I: Teachers Demonstrate Leadership

Element Ie. Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards.

Teachers demonstrate ethical principles including honesty, integrity, fair treatment, and respect for others. Teachers uphold the Code of Ethics for North Carolina Educators (effective June 1, 1997) and the Standards for Professional Conduct adopted April 1, 1998. (http://teachercodes.iiep.unesco.org/teachercodes/codes/America/USA/USA_North_Carolina.pdf)