Distance Teaching

Table of Contents

Remote Learning Schedule

Copy of First Grade Learning Schedule

English Language Arts Lessons

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Independent Worksheet RI.1.2 -Lesson 2.pptx
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Read Aloud

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Parts of Science Lessons

Social Emotional Activities

Name that Teacher - Students got to choose which teacher they thought matched the fact and tell why they think it was that teacher.

Dutch Auction - A mix between a scavenger hunt and challenges. This team building event allowed teams to earn points, be silly and work together.

Show and Tell - Student brought one special item to share with the group and tell why that item is special. Students were able to ask the classmates questions about the item as well.

Virtual Birthday Bash - In honor of all students who maybe didn't get to celebrate their birthday like normal this year or perhaps it occurs in the summer. There will be dancing, games and school appropriate shenanigans are likely to ensue.